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GOG "eNMEy Pro" Markierer

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The eNMEy Pro is a GOG Paintball (SmartParts) marker, unique in the paintball world. The eNMEy... mehr
Produktinformationen "GOG "eNMEy Pro" Markierer"
The eNMEy Pro is a GOG Paintball (SmartParts) marker, unique in the paintball world.

The eNMEy Pro operates mechanically (without Battery) but with true pneumatic function (with solenoid).
No Hammer, no valve simply no ?metal on metal? that may ware out.
In combination with the long standing ?seal forward? technologies, the result is, a ideal entry Level marker that is more and more in use for rentals on fields as well.

Most important attributes:
-    Semiautomatic, mechanical marker (no Battery)
-    Hammer-less, pneumatic function (with true solenoid)
-    lightweight fast trigger
-    A.C.T (anti chop technologies) thru low bolt operating pressure
-    Spool Valve Design, tournament level performance for entry level pricing
-    easy maintenance, thru fast bolt access from behind
-    Max-Flo R Inline Regulator
-    Composite/aluminum construction. Lightweight composite material in combination with a aluminum core and threads
-    Possible to use with CO2 and HP

Pro features:
- 16 inch Freak Inline barrel. The classic 5 inch Freak for unparalleld accuracy
- QEV, the Quick-Exhaust-Valve is an internal upgrade which leads to faster cycle times, so more bps possible
- Clamping Feedneck, to get a good grip on your hopper and hold it securly
- On/Off ASA, to bleed the marker and connect/disconnect the air system without pressure.

Barrel tread:     GOG (SmartParts / Ion)
weight:     764 gramms (without barrel)
length:        21,5cm (without barrel)
wide:         3,8cm Body (4cm at Feed)
height:         26cm (incl Feed and ASA)

In Germany, only to be sold to people 18Years of age or above,

Models to be sold outside of Germany, have the full USA features and functions!
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